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ISM-Cleveland Inc. Bylaws

The Cleveland Association is owned and operated by and wholly for its members. Local Associations affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) retain their independence in the selection and management of their local activities. There is no dictation from National to locals.

The Cleveland Association has a minimum of a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and at least two Directors who are responsible for the management of the local affiliate. The ISM Board of Directors is responsible for the policies, activities and management of ISM.

ISM’s members come from a diverse group of business interests having members from, but not limited to, large and small units of industrial, educational, utilities, and distribution organizations. On political, social, labor and even economic problems, the interests and opinions of its members or the policies of their companies would be divergent. Therefore, ISM-Cleveland, Inc. does not obligate or embarrass its members by committing them to, or representing them to be for or against any proposal of a controversial nature, except in cases where the ISM board may deem it advisable to state an opinion.

The Association freely and impartially presents information upon which the members may base their own determination, but recognizes their individual rights which place a corresponding limitation on representation by a professional association. Information on business and commodity trends, purchasing policies and procedures, as well as economic forecasts is offered from authoritative and representative sources. Recommendations on purchases are not made; that is an individual responsibility.

Members are never asked to give confidential information on prices, processes or transactions. The discussion of confidential information at meetings is expressly prohibited. Within those limitations, all members may contribute their knowledge and experience to the solution of the problems of others and participate in the values to be secured from such an exchange.

All meetings of the Cleveland Association or any of its subdivisions are open to any member who has a purchasing interest in the program under consideration. All services of the Association are available to all members impartially; that is true also of information regarding any policy, activity, or transaction of ISM-Cleveland, Inc. ISM headquarters is located at 2055 East Centennial Circle, Tempe, Arizona 85284. Founded in 1915, the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is the largest supply management association in the world as well as one of the most respected. ISM’s mission is to lead the supply management profession through its standards of excellence, research, promotional activities, and education. ISM’s membership base includes more than 40,000 supply management professionals with a network of domestic and international affiliated associations. ISM is a not-for-profit association that provides opportunities for the promotion of the profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge. ISM assists members with any individual purchasing problems; to furnish information regarding sources of supply for new or unusual requirements, processes, specification, standards, prices, trade customs or practices, purchasing policies or procedure, etc. A tremendous number of business publications, trade information, professional contacts and other research materials are available at the National office. The National office has an experienced staff supplemented by consultants and commercial agencies that specialize in the needed material and information. Along with this information, and with the knowledge and experience of other members freely given, the correct information can usually be secured.

Unless authorized, the identity of a member or his company is never divulged in handling individual inquiries. In making surveys and compiling the information reported, the same confidential relationship is observed. This policy secures cooperation in the exchange of ideas and information and permits frank expression of opinion and experience.

The Association depends heavily upon the standards of ethical practice it sponsors and the services it gives to secure favorable recognition for the profession itself. Reference is made to ISM Standards of Conduct, copies of which are available from the ISM office.

To be a good supply management professional, you must think, read, and plan. No other outside assistance can be as helpful to you in doing that as the cooperation of supply management professionals with similar problems. Your local Purchasing Management Association, as a part of the Institute for Supply Management is your opportunity to strengthen your own position.

Bylaws of ISM-Cleveland, Inc. This document was most recently revised and approved by the membership November 10th, 2014. 

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