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Purchasing Management Association of Cleveland
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Our History

In the fall of 1914, a small group of energetic purchasing agents, led by S. Holmes Mansfield and H.J. Richards, assembled in downtown Cleveland to formulate plans for a local organization to be called “Purchasing Agents Association of Cleveland.” The ideas and guiding principles in founding this organization were based on loyalty to his/her company, justice to those with whom he/she deals, and faith in his/her profession.

In the fall of 1915, the founders learned that a National Association of Purchasing Agents was being formed in New York, and by the end of 1916, Cleveland became affiliated with the National Association called the National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM), and hosted four (4) NAPM Conferences in 1923, 1934, 1950, and 1956.

In June of 1968, the Cleveland affiliate changed its name to the Purchasing Management Association of Cleveland Inc. (PMAC).

At the 1973 NAPM International Conference held in New York, Richard H. Sheppard, Manager of Purchases for Cleveland-Cliffs, was elected President of NAPM. During his term as President, Dick was the driving force behind the Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) Program, as well as a promoter of Commodity Committees.

In 2002, the national association was renamed Institute for Supply Management (ISM) with 171 affiliated associations with a membership of over 40,000, and in 2015, the Purchasing Management Association of Cleveland (PMAC), became ISM-Cleveland.

Throughout its history, our organization has made significant contributions to the development of the National Association, providing three (3) NAPM Presidents, hosting four (4) National Conferences, and receiving the 2015 National Award for ISM Affiliate of the Year.

ISM-Cleveland, Inc. coordinates the interests of its members and provides services and personal contacts that no other group can duplicate. We do this locally, and through coordination with the ISM national office. If you would like to learn more about us, please send your email request to info@ism-cleveland.org or visit the CONTACT US Tab on our website.

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Members - Share Your Successes!

We all work hard and need to remember to buoy ourselves & support each other! ISM-Cleveland, Inc. wants to celebrate your successes - those from work and elsewhere. Please consider sharing news of promotions, position changes, employer changes, process improvements implemented, significant cost savings accomplished and other recognition you may earn. Remember, your success today may help a ISM-Cleveland colleague be successful tomorrow.
If you are interested in sharing your good news, or even some corny purchasing jokes, please email communications@ism-cleveland.org

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting more involved with ISM-Cleveland, Inc.? Consider joining a commttee or becoming a board member. It's a great way to work with your peers outside of your industry and make some fun friends in the process! Take a minute to Read More!

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