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Committee service is a great way to add value to your professional credentials and build a strong network of contacts. This provides skills invaluable to your job, providing an opportunity to distinguish yourself within your company as a demonstrated leader committed to your profession. This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in your Association as we endeavor to provide increasing value to our membership.

Those who have served in the past can attest to an experience of personal growth and satisfaction through committee service providing camaraderie, the interchange of ideas, and the opportunity to network with your counterparts from a diverse mix of organizations throughout Northeastern Ohio. Committee service will also be rewarded with Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s) that are an essential part of your certification program.

Standing Committees

 Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for the publicizing of activities and achievements of the Association and its members via our newsletter, Buylines, and our website,  It also coordinates our total public relations efforts toward the goal of greater recognition for the ISM-Cleveland, Inc. and the purchasing profession via the media.

Opportunities for Growth: As a contributor, write or gather articles for publication in our Buylines newsletter. Assist the Technology subcommittee in maintaining and enhancing our web site and increasing its value as an information resource for current and prospective members.  Help author press releases and interface with the media. 

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Education Committee

One of most important committees charged with selecting the major educational offerings including seminars, forum speakers, plant tours and administration of the CPSM review classes offered periodically. This committee plans and arranges topical and informative educational programs of the highest quality to support the professional development of the membership. Products include dinner programs, seminars, tours and ISM satellite seminars.

Opportunities for Growth: Participate in topic selection based on member feedback and current trends. Research and contact speakers and submit articles for publication in the  Buylines newsletter regarding program content to encourage attendance. Committee members plan, coordinate and attend seminars as a representative to ensure success of events.

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Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of our Marking Plan and Strategy. Its primary focus is the identification of member needs and wants and the development of the proper mix of products and services to ensure their satisfaction.

Opportunities for Growth:  As we attempt to broaden and diversify our membership base, prepare survey for new target markets such as healthcare, government and the service industries to determine their needs.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of new members and their orientation as well as the stimulation of attendance at regular meetings. Working in concert with the Marketing committee, this committee is responsible for recruiting prospective members as well as their subsequent orientation and long term retention.

Opportunities for Growth: Develop industry specific cover letters for mass mailings and follow-up with prospects by phone. Design a formal new member orientation program complete with an information packet. Welcome new members and be a "buddy" by escorting them at their first meeting. Work the badge, registration and display tables at regular meetings. Stimulate attendance through personal contact with your peers.

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Special Committees

Special Events and Activities Committee

This committee is responsible for promoting special activities such as the Annual Mini Trade Show, Golf Outing and other special activities to encourage personal networking and relationships within the Association.

Opportunities for Growth: Plan and promote special activities such as the trade show, sports events (Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns), raffles and golf outings for greater socialization and interaction. Create literature for our broadcast mailing. Develop creative ways to motivate the membership to promote the special activities within their organization and supply base.

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Please let us know how you would like to become involved.  Email for more information. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

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We all work hard and need to remember to buoy ourselves & support each other! ISM-Cleveland, Inc. wants to celebrate your successes - those from work and elsewhere. Please consider sharing news of promotions, position changes, employer changes, process improvements implemented, significant cost savings accomplished and other recognition you may earn. Remember, your success today may help a ISM-Cleveland colleague be successful tomorrow.
If you are interested in sharing your good news, or even some corny purchasing jokes, please email

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting more involved with ISM-Cleveland, Inc.? Consider joining a commttee or becoming a board member. It's a great way to work with your peers outside of your industry and make some fun friends in the process! Take a minute to Read More!

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